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Are books better than TV?

Are books better than TV?

Yesterday, we were doing a debate about books vs television. First we were in groups of three. Some of us were preparing information about TV. Others were preparing information about why books are better.

First we were writing our information on a large sheet of paper. I was doing information about why TV was better with Gloria and Moses. Two of the things we wrote were: “Television is better because when you watch it you can see images and people.” Another one was: “Watching TV is free so it is good because if you want to read you have to pay for it.”  We didn’t think about libraries!!

Later we went to the hall and we discuss about which was better: books or TV?  In the hall Muna A said: “Books are full of punctuation and vocabulary which will help you in your future life if you want to be a teacher.” That was a good point I think. Finally 23 of us agreed that books are better and 6 were against the idea. Niagara Class said that books are better than TV!

By Carolina