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Cheep Cheep Cheep

The Nursery children were very excited to receive an incubator full of eggs this month! The chicks growing inside soon began to hatch and we had a wonderful time learning about how to care for them and help them grow into adult hens and cockerels….

Snakes and Ladders

In the Nursery we’ve been learning how to play the game snakes and ladders. While playing snakes and ladders we’ve been learning to count and recognise higher number also taking turns with the dice and having patience as we wait for our friend have their…

Up Up and Away

Our topic this term is Up Up And Away. We have been talking about wind. We read the story Up Up and Away. On the day of the balloon launch, it wasn’t very windy. “We need wind for the balloons to go up” a child…

Book Recommendation

Book Recommendation Floodlands Author: Marcus Sedgwick   Imagine that you are on a flooded island and wherever you looked there was water. How will you survive this disaster? Zoe has some disastrous days of her life. She first was chased by a crazy gang. One…