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A list of staff currently working at the school
A list of staff currently working at the school
Senior Leadership Team
Headteacher Ms P. Duggal
Deputy Headteacher Ms J. Stone
Deputy Headteacher Mr R. Lane
 Assistant Head  Ms C. Ejiogu
Assistant Head Ms G. Cattini
Year 6 Mr J. Pearce-Higginson
Ms. S Holland
Mr P.  Meehan
Ms S. Ellington (SENTA)
Mr. R Witter (SENTA)
Year 5 Ms C. Ejiogu
Ms S. Miller
Ms J. Wszolek
Ms H. Petrou
Mr P. Gaches Tooley (TA)
Ms A. Shaikh (TA)
Ms S. Cassim (TA)
Ms K. Russell (SENTA)
Year 4 Ms G. Mahli
Mr F. Streeter
Mr E. Tsang
Mr R. Capleton (TA)
Ms M Stavrikkou (TA)
Ms V. Gravesande (TA)
Ms M. Tagliarini (SENTA)
Year 3 Ms M. Carrington
Ms P. Mohabeer
Ms R. Cappello
Ms C Gibson-Mathew (TA)
Mr T. Russell (TA)
Mr L. Rutherford (TA)
Ms C. Carolison (SENTA)
Year 2 Mr J. McCarthy
Ms G. Cattini
Ms M. Simkassi
Ms H. Green
Ms H Tober-Collins (TA)
Ms J. Ilunga (TA)
Ms R. Kaur (TA)
Ms. J. Staggs (SENTA)

Year 1 Mr McKenna
Ms S. Duffin
Ms A. Clarke
Ms G Hussain (TA)
Ms P. Russell (TA)
Ms J. Subratty (TA)
Ms M. Chayaa (SENTA)
Reception Ms F. Hussain
Ms B. Atherton
Ms S. Jackson-Hinds
Ms E. Dukyanci (EYTA)
Ms C. Van Rossum (EYTA)
Ms G. Landeut (EYTA)
Ms J. Christian (SEN EYTA)
Nursery Ms P. McLoughlin
Ms S. Draper
Ms L. Kirwan (EYTA)
Inclusion Staff
Inclusion Manager Ms C. Waters
Reading Recovery Teacher Ms B. Stobart
Family Support Worker Ms J. Lambert
Learning Mentor Ms. H. Salusbury Hughes
Phonics Champion Ms D. Maclennan
Office Staff
School Business Manager Ms A. Keogh
Office Manager Ms I. Hussain
PA to Headteacher  Mr D. Ramenah
Office administrator Ms S. Iyoyo
IT Staff
IT Network Manager Mr N. Irving
Site Staff
Senior Site Manager Mr T. O’Dwyer
Senior Site Manager Mr G. Singh
SOS cleaners and site support
Extended Services
Children’s Centre Manager Mr D. O’Reilly
Early Intervention Outreach Practitioner Ms S. Fenton
Early Intervention Outreach Practitioner Ms M. Keenan
Administration  and information Officer Ms R. Codrington
Administration and information Officer Ms S. Davies
Early Years Practitioner Ms C. Coleman
Free for 2’s Nursery Practitioners Ms T. Asante
Ms M. Archer
Ms M. Adamek
Ms L. Lane
After School Club Ms P. Herbert (Play Manager)
Mr S. Lawrence (Play Leader)*
Ms K. Virgo (Play Leader)*
Ms H. Coombs (Play Leader)*
Breakfast Club Ms P. Russell
Ms J. Johns
Ms J. Staggs
Lunchtime Staff (*as additional to role above)
SMSA Ms M. Picard
Ms R. Zaman
Ms S. Charlton
Ms P. Philips
Ms M. Tagoe
Ms H. Coombs
Ms A. Quinton
Ms D. Pacheo
Ms M. Adamek
Ms B. Jarvis
Ms F. Mohamed
Ms J. Staggs
Ms R. Kaur
Ms H. Goy
Ms J. Johns