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    School Policy

    A selection of official documents and policies
    A selection of official documents and policies

    School Policies

    Please download our policies by clicking on the links below: Admission Criteria Nursery 2017 Anti Bullying Policy Attendance Policy Behaviour Policy British values Charging Policy CIC Policy Complaints Policy E-safety-policy Educational Visits Policy Equality Statement and Objectives Including Accessibility Plan EYFS Policy First Aid Policy...

    PE Sports Grant

    Download our PE Sport Grant Report 2016-17 to see how we’ve allocated funds and the impact we will achieve with the money.


    This vision statement is particularly true for children within our school who have special educational needs or a disability. As an inclusive school, the staff children and parents work together to promote learner success and inclusion through a stimulating, nurturing learning environment, with high-quality teaching,...

    Pupil Premium

    Click on the links below to see how we use our funding. Pupil Premium Report 2017