Date: 12th May 2017

Issue No. 15 
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What's on?
Y4 Ganges Assembly - Friday 19th May 2017                  Y5 Apollo Music - Monday 22nd May 2017 
Y3 Nile Assembly - Friday 26th May 2017

HALF TERM - Monday 29th May - Friday 2nd June
Y3 Kew Gardens Trip

Year 3 visited Kew Gardens this week as part of their topic about plants. Children learned about pollination and got to see a hive structure. 

Week ending 12/05/2017
Y1 Severn, Nikola Pietraszewska, Maysarah Pahary, Omut Rumenov, Kardo Kamal,       ,Beulah Elyon, Beynur Enchev, Alex Alipiev, Sakina Leader, Abbie Sharp, Jaan Rooprai, Chang Shen Lin, Suad Omar,Aleksander Minkov, Melisa Coceli
Nursery International Food Sharing Event
Nursery held an International event this week where parents were invited to contribute foods from all over the world! Thank you to everyone who participated.
Greig City Academy Enterprise Challenge
Children in Year 5 attended Greig City Academy this week and took part in a challenge to create a sustainable civilisation on the moon. Children had to use both their team working skills and their creative skills in order to complete tasks. 
30 Hours Child Care
As of September 2017 Haringey Council are offering 30 hours free child-care for 3 and 4 year olds. If you are interested and would like to check your eligibility please come and speak to one of the of the members of the office team.  
Head Lice
Please note that if you find that your child has head lice, it must be treated to ensure it does not spread. We urge you to routinely check you child's hair and follow advice on the NHS website for wet combing to eradicate any eggs or lice present:
After school gardening club were digging up the weeds last week and were getting ready to plant our vegetables! 

Reading Race The reading race is a school competition that rewards the class that has read the most.
Congratulations Y2 Danube and Y3 Nile who have read 64 times and Y5 Kerep who have read 78 times at home last week!

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Our Year 6 students have completed their SATS exams this week. Children worked very hard leading up to their exams and we wish them the best of luck as we wait for the results in July.  
 30 hours Workshop
The Children Centre will be holding a workshop on 6th June at 9:00 am focusing on helping parents complete their applications for the free 30 hours. Please bring your P60, latest payslip and any other information relating to income/benefits that you receive.