Date: 30th September 2016

Issue No. 2
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What's On? 
Y2 Seine Museum of London trip
Monday 3rd October 2016
No Pens Day
Wednesday 5th October 2016


Year 2 Tagus Museum of London trip
Wednesday 5th October 2016
Pendarren Week
Monday 10th October - Friday 14th October
Recent Events
Year 4 Yangtze class performed an assembly about 'The power of yet'. People watching were taught to never give up and to always believe in themselves so that in the future, they will succeed. Remember, if you find something difficult, you can't do it... yet! 

Year 6 children enjoyed a day out sailing last week on Scaramouche. The children set sail from Southampton and arrived in Cowes, Isle of Wight just in time for their lunch. All became full members of the crew taking part in winching the sails and taking the wheel. 
Home time arrangements

Year 5 and 6: If your child is in Y5 or Y6 they can walk home alone from school providing you have signed the correct permission slip. However, if we discover that a child behaves inappropriately or unsafely on the way home you will be notified and permission to walk home alone may be withdrawn. Children in Y5 and Y6 will not be permitted to collect younger siblings in the school.
Years 1 to 6: If an adult (over the age of 18) is not able to collect your child every day, you must inform Ms Hussein or Ms Guerreiro in the school office.
Nursery and Reception: Children in Nursery and Reception must be collected by a responsible adult that is known to the staff. If the adult is unknown to staff, a password must be provided to the office staff which the adult must provide to the teacher on collection.  In the interest of keeping our children safe please note that sometimes there may be a delay in releasing a child from class whilst we make sure the adult is who they say they are. 
Thank you for your cooperation and support.
Week ending 16/09/16
Michaela Sam, Gauri Chaudhary, Roland Djalo, Tadeo Dixon,
Leona Rascanu, N'Gomassa Karamoko, Toby Osuala,
Luke Gerson,
Deangelo Folks, Irmak Bozkurt, Natan Jaworski, Demarko Innis, Li Yue Wang, Meleisha Whitter, Jaenique Tuitt-Henry, Y6 Mississppi
Week ending 23/09/16

Kennedy Stone, Ciran Aksu, Jayden Brown, Archie Turner, Connie Tolson, Amira Abdulle, Laurentiu Mosescu, Zofia Sugier, Elmira Niare, Deniz Aytac, Y4 Yangtze, Ela Bozdag, Deian Lungu, Estela Ilkevic, Aron Woldegiorgis, Fred Francisco
Reading Race The reading race is a school competition that rewards the class that has read the most.
Congratulations Y6 Mississippi who have read 100 times at home last week!
Head Lice 

Please note that there are some cases of head lice in the school. This is not unusual when large numbers of children are working and playing closely together. If you find your child does have head lice, it must be treated to ensure it does not spread.
We urge you to routinely check your child's hair and follow advice on the NHS website for wet combing to eradicate any eggs or lice present:
Flu Immunisation 

The school nursing service will be offering flu vaccinations in our school to all children in years 1, 2 and 3.

This will be from October 2016 until December 2016, as this is before influenza tends to circulate.

Information, contact details and consent forms will be sent out this month. Your child will not be vaccinated without your consent. In the meantime if you require further information please contact your school nurse, GP or practice nurse