Date: 15th April 2016

Issue No. 10
Twitter: @welbournepri
What's On? 

New After School Clubs Begin 

Year 2 Danube Assembly 
22/04/16 - 3:00pm

Maths Challenge

Year 4 Yangtze Assembly 
29/04/16 - 3:00pm

Year 5 performed an E-Safety assembly for us last week and taught us all how to keep safe while on the internet.
Remember to use the SMART rules when you are working or playing online!
Welbourne children were treated to activities provided by A-Life where they learned about healthy foods and the importance of a well rounded diet. 

Pupils were challenged to experience healthy living as they solved problems, answered thought-provoking questions and completed tasks. 


Year 5 Amazon were treated to a session with Apollo Music this week. They had lots of fun learning about the types of sounds each instrument makes and how it made them feel. 
Parent Coffee Morning
Thank you to parents who attended the parent coffee morning.
Watch this space for upcoming events.
Election Days
Please note that the Children Centre will be closed on Thursday 5th May 2016 as it will be used as a polling station. Welbourne Primary School will not be closing and will be open as usual. 
Head Lice 
Please note that there are some cases of head lice in the school. This is not unusual when large numbers of children are working and playing closely together. If you find your child does have head lice, it must be treated to ensure it does not spread.
We urge you to routinely check you child's hair and follow advice on the NHS website for wet combing to eradicate any eggs or lice present:
Learning to read is one of the most important skills children can learn. Reading Eggs makes the learning to read journey fun, interactive, and highly rewarding for ages 3-13 – and it’s based on solid scientific research.
Year 4 Ganges performed in the guitar concert this week and did an amazing job!
The children were keen to put their practice to the test as they played a selection of songs. 
Hong Chen, Yusif Issah,  Blessing Kubadika, Emmanuel White
Berdan Koc, Ola Hajdas, Kaliyah Kirnon, Aaleyah Hinds-Anwer,  Ioana Rascanu, Yangtze Class
Zack Johnson, Melisa Coceli, Jaden Welch, Kairo Williams, Sabrina Mebrahtom
Dennis Halliday, Deluxe Kiaku 
John Liverpool, Nogotou Karamoko, Daria Berinde, Denikah Dyett, Natalia Rytwinska, Zayan Chowdhury, Alia Compton, Hannah Abdullahi, Sarrinah Abdullahi, Tristan Mamwa, Reshaune Hall, Quyen Evans de Palm, Chris Nzia,  Dawid Antczak, Nehir Tezgel,