Date: 22nd September 2017

Issue No. 2 
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Upcoming Dates
Y2 Tagus Class Assembly  - 29th September 2017           Pendarren Trip   - 2nd October - 6th October   Y4 Ganges Class Assembly - 6th October 2017              International Evening  - 18th October 2017
Y5 Orinoco Class Assembly - 13th October 2017   Y3 Okavango Class Assembly - 20th October 2017
*Please note that some assembly dates have changed due to school trips
Dates of Curriculum Meetings
Monday 25th Sept 9:00 am – 10:00 am
Tuesday 26th Sept 9:00 am – 10:00am
Absence Text Messages
You can now send texts to notify us of your child's absence. Just text your child's name, class and the reason for their absence to 07860030526
Home time arrangements

Year 6: If your child is in Y6 they can walk home alone from school providing you have signed the correct permission slip and if this has been approved by the Head Teacher. However, if we discover that a child behaves inappropriately or unsafely on the way home you will be notified and permission to walk home alone may be withdrawn. Children in Y6 will not be permitted to collect younger siblings in the school. If you have not given written permission for your Y6 child to walk home alone, then they must be collected by an adult.

Years 1 to 5: If an adult (over the age of 18) is not able to collect your child on any day, you must inform the school office to make an appointment to discuss this with the Head Teacher.

Nursery and Reception: Children in Nursery and Reception must be collected by a responsible adult that is known to the staff. If there is a change of adult you must let the school know and a password must be provided which must be stated at point of collection.

In the interest of keeping all our children safe please note that if there is a change of adult collecting your child, there may be a delay in releasing a child from class whilst we make sure the adult is who they say they are. In all cases you should inform the office before 3.20pm. 

Your child's safety is important to us - thank you for your understanding.

British Museum Trip
Y6 pupils were out last week exploring the British Museum. They were learning about the Aztecs and their culture as part of their IPC (International Primary Curriculum) topic on early civilizations.
Is your child ready for Nursery?

If your child's birthday is between
1st September 2014 and the 31st
December 2014 then they are eligible
to apply for a place at our outstanding

To find out more please speak to
Ms Hussein in the school office.
Do you need help with Secondary Transfer?
Then come to a meeting on Wednesday 11th October at 9am where Ms Smilie from Haringey Council can answer your questions and help you with the process.
School Uniform 
Please ensure your child wears correct school uniform including black footwear and no colourful trainers. Also, please make sure that any hair accessories are small and discreet.

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