Date: December 2017 

Issue No. 9 
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
As the first term of the school year draws to a close I would like to take this opportunity to thank staff, parents and pupils for their fantastic contributions to the Welbourne community. We are thriving as a school and are committed to providing the very best learning opportunities for all our children, not only academically but also socially and emotionally. By working in positive partnership together, home and school, we can make sure our children are equipped for future success and go on to do great things with their lives. Enjoy the holiday -we look forward to seeing you all in the New Year!
Ms Duggal

Reminder: School closes Thursday 21st December at 1:30pm! 
Children return to school on Thursday 4th Janaury 2018
STEM NEWS: Teen Tech City 
Y3 to Y6 worked with STEM Ambassadors Jacqueline Owusu and Cyril Molony from SKANSKA on the Teen Tech City Challenge last week. 
Children used their skills in science, technology, maths and engineering to create and design their City of Tomorrow. For more information follow this link:

Your views are important! 
Many parents tell us how impressed they are with the school and how pleased they are with the quality of education their child receives at Welbourne.
Did you know you can tell Ofsted what you think of the school by using Parent View?
Use this link to have your say:
You will need to register with an email address, then you can answer some questions to give your opinion on 12 aspects of your child’s school.
If you need help with accessing Parent View please let us know and we will do our best to help.
School Garden
After a busy year in the garden we have put away our tools and must wait for spring. The garden has supplied the school kitchen with a wide variety of fruit and vegetables to be included in our school dinners including pears, courgettes, runner beans, herbs, tomatoes and not to forget our very large pumpkins. Pupils have planted some broad beans, onions, garlic and kale to overwinter ready for the warmer weather.
  Eylem Y6  our Head Gardener is banking up the           leeks,  this means they will stay in the ground and be ready for lovely soup in January. “I like         gardening because you always have a role.”

  Pupils who have worked in the garden say “I like       getting muddy and I also like to plant things that grow into food and have fun doing it.”
  “You have to plant broad beans in a zigzag line and make sure they have enough space to grow.”  Zak,Y4

  “I like gardening and I think that gardening is good for the eco system” Dario Y6
  We all look forward to being back in the garden in     the spring.

Welbourne Car Free Day
Well done to everyone for taking part in Car Free Day and for braving the cold weather to walk to school on Tuesday.
We are excited about the launch of our walking zone map and contributing to improving the air quality around the school for our children. Congratulations to our Golden Lock winners  who cycled to school.
Book Recommendation...

The Lonely Beast (The Beast) by Chris Judge
Have you heard of the Beasts? No, not many people have.
  That's   because they   are very rare.   This is the tale   of one such     Beast, whose     determination   to overcome   his   loneliness leads him to undertake a daring and dangerous quest to find others like him...

Well done and thank you to everyone for raising  £193.55 in support of Water Aid through donations at our International Evening in October. The money has been used to install a tap stand in Tombohuaun in Sierra Leone, bringing a reliable source of clean water to the village. Water Aid will also train the community on how to look after their new water supply so it lasts for the long term. 

Whilst we may take clean water for granted here, children in places like Tombohuaun have to walk for miles to collect water. The tap stand will mean children can spend more time playing with each other as they will have clean water on their doorstep. A small contribution has transformed lives - THANK YOU!

International Links
This year we will be working with several new schools around the world.  We have made links with settings in Turkey, Spain, Greece and Italy.  Different classes will be working on themed projects linked to their current learning.  Working in this way not only motivates the children but also builds tolerance and respect between communities.  We are going to be sharing our school traditions of how we celebrate Christmas, learning about similarities and differences between our lives and others’ and exploring the Rights of a Child through Art.  Watch this space for further updates in the new year....
Music Concerts
After just one term of learning an instrument, our talented young musicians in Y4 performed their first concerts in front of an audience.
Some of our Y5 continuers also performed. They were all amazing and should be proud of their achievements - well done!
Anti-Bullying ‘BIG’ update
On Tuesday our Bullying Intervention Group ‘BIG’ met to discuss the progress made against our Anti Bullying Action Plan. The group consists of six Senior prefects, two Senior school council members with staff and parent representatives. 
In every meeting the group looks back at the minutes from the previous meeting and discusses if the actions have been successful.  Activities for Anti-Bullying week were well organised and this included ‘Performance corner’, where pupils performed their anti-bullying messages, the anti-bullying survey, assemblies and Odd socks day.
Our next meeting is on Tuesday 23rd January 2018 and it would be great to see you then at 2:30pm.
Our Haringey Heroes
Congratulations to Reshaune and Jayden for being awarded with Haringey Hero trophies in recognition of their determination and hard work to better themselves. Both boys have become positive role models at Welbourne over the past year. The awards were presented by Claudine Duberry on behalf of Taking Positive Steps.
Home Learning Policy
As you may remember, we carried out a parent survey earlier in the term to gather your views on home learning to help us write our whole school policy. The vast majority of parents told us that they think children should do learning at home. There were mixed views as to what this should look like but overall parents asked for a range of activities to do together with their children and written work for older children. 
The agreed activities  set out in the Home Learning Policy will  begin in January 2018 and this can be found on the school website under ‘Our School’ in the ‘School Policies’ section. If you would prefer a paper copy please let us know at the school office and we will get one to you.
If you have any queries about the policy please ask the class teacher in the first instance.
Thank you to all parents for their input in to this.
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