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December 2015

Life of Welbourne by Godwin

Me and some of my  friends have been at this school for seven whole years and have been taught by Ms Lazerides , Ms Lambi, Ms Ashraf,  Ms Kissoon , Ms Smyth and now we have Mr Wycherley. It improved after the playground for year 5,…

Pantomime by Alex

This Tuesday  we had our fantastic pantomime . It was pretty good everyone got into they’re characters. Eventually everyone was less nervous as it went on  however at the beginning everyone was very nervous. Nervously the first class entered the stage to do their performance….

Pantomime by John

This Tuesday the year six and year five did a pantomime in front of the parents. I was nervous because was I one of the characters. Abanazar (Aron) Wantu (Kamarni). But I was a character called Washline 1. It was for Aladdin.We had songs in…

My teacher – Hassan

Mr Wycherley is one of the best and funniest teacher in the whole school. He is friendly, kind and smart. Mr Gaches is also friendly and funny and he is one of the best assistant teacher in the school. He is also kind, smart and…