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December 2015

My football team by Aron

I started playing football when I was 4 years old. It wasn’t long when I found out that it was a serious business and you take no joke. When I first played I had no courage. After a few years my best friend helped me…

Roman Mosaic by Godwin

Today we have been making mosaics. A Mosaic is a design that the Roman’s made a thousand years ago. Mosaic are design by little pieces of stones. If you want a mosaic you have to be a billionaire. Some mosaic floors had steam under to…

Life at Welbourne by Kamarni

In  our  school  we have  a traffic light system. There are 7 colours, red, yellow, blue  green,  bronze, silver, gold. When  you  go on gold  5 times you  will get a cup and if you get 10 golds you get to go on a trip….

Game Shakers by Ruby

This show is spectacular. Its the most fun show. Even if you havent watched it and  you think that show is rubbish, its not you will see. You will be telling your friends  all about  it. You will even watch it more  than one time!…

Respect at Welbourne by Ali

In Welbourne Primary School we do not fight. We respect each other and help children who are hurt at break and lunchtime. Together we learn and together we succeed. Together we stop bulling in this school and we all show some respect.