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Bullying Intervention Group

Bullying Intervention Group

A number of prefects, teachers and governors meet up to have a meeting about anti-bullying, peer mediator and buddies every 5-6 weeks.

We have bought new worry boxes which have locks so no one else can read it but the staff only. The staff have the keys to the worry boxes and the worry boxes are important for people in the school including staff.

Buddies have a very important job, which is to help every child in Welbourne Primary School find a friend and play with a different year group to make friends. The buddies have equipment to give to anyone that wants to play with anything. This is led by Ms Johns.

Peer mediators have important jobs to which are to see if anyone is upset or bullied. Peer mediators are here to help anyone in who is upset of anything and any reasons. This is supported by Ms Hughes.

Anti bullying week was also very exciting. We delivered ‘top tips’ to the school and classes contributed to create videos for the community to help stop bullying.

Future events

We have a future event which is a competition about bullying. Look out for this in the near future.

The next meeting is on 9th March; all parents are welcome.