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Computing at Welbourne BY KACPER

Computing at Welbourne BY KACPER

Some advice for parents and carers

Computing at Welbourne. You might think that computing is useless but it helps your children to communicate with his/her friends. However they must know how to be safe online.  At Welbourne your child will learn the smart rules. They will be safe on the internet but don’t let them be on for too long.

SMART rules




R= reliable


Don’t let your child suffer because of other people that are rude. Don’t let your child miss out on school. Check what he/she is doing when they are on the internet. Welbourne will try its best to defend your child from people that think that its aright to make people upset online (cyber-bullies). But if you know that something happen to your child and you know that it was because of the internet Welbourne will work with you to protect him/her.

At school

At school we monitor what they do by going in the history we can check what was they on so your child will be safe at school. If you want to do the same.

step 1: click on the icon google

step 2: on the left hand side click the three lines

step 3: click on the word history

step 4: look on what he/she was going on

From now you can check what your child was going on and monitor him/her.He will be safe at school at home.