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Ellie May Book Review

Ellie May Book Review

This book is called: Ellie May is Totally Happy to Share her Place in the Spotlight.                                                                                               

The author is Marianne Levy.

In the book there is a very young girl called Ellie May. Ellie May thinks she’s an incredibly famous film star and she LOVES fudge cake. She has a chaperone called Jeffrey and he is like a big brother to Ellie May because he’s always kind and caring, but he can get a bit upset at her when she’s showing off and making people feel left out. In the book Ellie May is invited to Cassie Craven’s party (another incredibly famous film star), but Ellie May is too ashamed to go. She is too shameful because everyone will say to Cassie: “Oh, Cassie you’re amazing!” and “Cassie, you’re so pretty!” Ellie May meets this girl called Fleur (about the same age as Ellie May) and she’s a super model and be best friends at the party. Fleur really wants to be in a movie like Ellie May and gets her a part in the ugly duckling. (Ellie May’s new movie). Jeffrey’s worried Ellie May won’t like sharing the spotlight, but Ellie May doesn’t think so. However, later in the story she done something she shouldn’t have… 

My favourite part of the story is when they describe Fleur and when she is being a bit cheeky (or naughty) with the ice cream that the director needs for the movie. Ellie May was jealous of Fleur and dared her to eat the ice cream that was meant to be for the movie. After eating Fleur was needed on set in the ice cream scene… She felt sicker than she ever was from food. They described Fleur as a little perfect flower, wide blue eyes the exact colour of a swimming pool, red soft hair. Her cheeks were pale and perfect and her mouth was like a little pink rose. That made me think of a cute calm model instead of an angry aggressive model.

I would definitely recommend this book to someone who loves comedy and movie star fantasy because this book has some very funny jokes and Ellie May definitely sounds like an interesting character followed by Fleur the super model whose description would make you imagine a perfect, pale and sweet young girl. Read Ellie May! It’s a sparkling showstopper!

By: Sarah