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Forest School Lunch Time Club

Forest School Lunch Time Club

Forest School Club have been getting muddy and being creative in the outdoors this Autumn during lunch times.

Natural and Man Made Objects

We collected objects from our Forest School Area and made collages. The children decided on what kinds of objects they wanted to collect: big, small, different sizes, different colours, patterns, textures etc. We then talked about what they had found. The discussion lead on to what kind of waste lay in our school grounds: natural and man made. We talked about the importance of organic waste helping plants to grow and the problems of man made waste polluting the environment.

Living Things

We discovered what kinds of living things call our school their home. Here is a wriggly worm we found. Would you be brave enough to hold it without your glove?!

Making Play Equipment

The children got creative and cut lengths of wood to make a see-saw.