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Iron Man

Iron Man


Year 4 made their very own Iron Man.


The part I did on the Iron Man was the eyes and the head. I helped to draw some white lines on the iron man eyes. I also helped to put some silver foil on the Iron Man’s gigantic head.  It was fun



The part I did was putting silver paper on the Iron man wall.



The bit I did on the Iron Man is the foil for the mouth and to draw some of the eyes. I also did some strips on the head and some other place. I enjoyed this activity.



I helped to make the Iron Man using tin foil charcoal. I also used chalk. The final thing we used was mirror paper.



The part I did was part of the head and the eyes. We used pastels, charcoal, chalk, tinfoil, mirror paper and other types of paper. Some people helped me stick materials on and I really enjoyed it.



I used chalk to make the Iron man. I directed people what people needed to do. We painted the eyes and his head.