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Memories for Welbourne

Memories for Welbourne

Welbourne Memories

My life here at Welbourne has been like a train. I met Ms.Lambie at the platform and she lifted me onto the train. My journey continued new people came on and others got off.

Finally, I reached my last ride with Mr.Streeter there was definitely bumps but he taught me that you really have to try hard and have dedication to earn a reward.

There are four people I’d especially like to thank. Firstly, I’d like to thank Ms .J.Ali even though she’s not here she still deserves a thank you because without her I would never have got a level 5 let alone a 6.

Also I’d like to thank Mr.Lane for teaching me all those level 6 topics without him my life would be a misery. I would never have anyone to teach me my maths.

Finally, there’s two people I’d like to thank and that is Ms Duggal and Ms.Stone .They have been standing in the furnace of the train. They were putting in the coal, lighting the fire, moving the train along and most of all they showed me that I’m safe. Sadly, my journey here at Welbourne has come to an end and I must board a new train. A train of Secondary School…..

Ra’eesah Niagara