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My SATS experience

My SATS experience

When i first woke up on the first day of SATS week I was terrified. Before i started SATS I was so stressed out that some days i didn’t even sleep. During SATS it felt easier than I thought it would be. When I was little they told me about SATS and i started crying. I also got picked for the level 6 test!!! for grammar and reading. my mother was so happy she said if i passed and got As and Bs she would get me a Iphone. I WAS SO HAPPY I SCREAMED!!

As I grew up the learning became harder and harder. The revision became more and more intense. SATS was the worst experience in my life. Although there are some good things about SATS. Such as, it gets you into a good secondary school, then you do your GCSEs then you get into a good college and after that you get into a good uni then you get a good job and good house.

I was so unhappy and confused when i was doing the L6 grammar test. All the questions were so hard but fourty five minutes later it was finished. I DID THE LEVEL 6 GRAMMAR TEST!!! The day after that i had to do the L6 reading test and i was right back where i started. I was confused again but 1 hour later it was all done i had done the L6 reading test.

By: Kristina