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Reading Race By Amera

Reading Race By Amera

What it is?

In our school we have a race called Reading Race. Each week there is a different winner. This competition encourages more people to read and that is what the school is trying to do, by doing this race so we can read more everyday at least for 20 minutes. It is really fun! It also helps people to get interested in books…

How do you win the Reading Race?

To win the Reading Race you have to read at home (everyday)  at least for 20 minutes and record it in your Reading Journal with the title of the book and the date you have read in. Then every Tuesday we have 2 monitors to count how much each person has read and write it next to our name. Afterwards they add up each of out scores altogether . Then they write it on a paper that is stuck on our windows. Later on the week the prefects collect every classes score, then give it to Ms Gray. Afterwards we have to wait until Monday assembly so we find out the winner for the week.

Do you know who won this week? Can you guess?

Last week’s winner was Mississippi (year 6) with 115 reads. Did you know it was Mississippi’s first time winning. They have tried for long an this week they have won! Who will be next weeks winner? Can you guess?