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Stem Challenge By Jimaleh

Stem Challenge By Jimaleh

Two weeks ago all the children at Welbourne did a Lego and plasticine challenge It is about which group could make a car that could travel the furtherest would get a prize and would go Gladesmore Community School to take part in grand competition with the other school.

How we made our car

My team Cenk,Kacper and Jimaleh made a amazing car.When we first made a try with our car, my team’s car went further than we had expected it to.Then when it was the real try, our car slowed down. We came 5th .

After a week we had another competition. This time we made boats out of plasticine. It was quite hard. First we turned it from a ball into a boat shape. It was hard. When we did the real one, we had an amazing score of 21 coins in a boat!

On Friday the winners of the STEM challenge are going to go to Gladesmore School to be part of  a grand competition.

Good luck!