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Year 6 are reading a fantastic book called STORMBREAKER.

It is an exciting book, which starts with the death of Alex Rider’s uncle Ian.  I like that Alex has survived but I don’t like the way all of his relatives are dead. I don’t think Ian is really a banker.  I think those men who pretend to work in the bank want to make an end to the Rider Family. I think there aim is definitely to kill the Rider family.  One of my thoughts was that the bank manager might be a criminal in disguise or working as an evil detective. I think this because he is acting so weird.

• Alex Rider

He is a  well built 14 year old, with his hair cut short apart from two thick strands hanging over his forehead and is willing to find out if his uncle (Ian Rider) actually died from a car crash – not from anything else.  After seeing the bank manager with a gun in his pocket he thinks that this is very weird and that the bank manager shot him instead of a car crash. His parents died in a plane crash but luckily this young lady called Jack who lives with him in a house in Chelsea but she doesn’t have to pay money, she has to do chores and now she looks after him.

• Ian Rider

Ian has a very protective character and apparently works in the bank.  Sadly he died in when a lorry craashed into his car, but this seems unlikely as Alex found bullet holes in his car.  No one really knows how he died yet. He didn’t have a girlfriend because he worked so much.

• Jack Starbright

Jack is a very caring lady in her early 20s. She looks after Alex but who will look after him when she goes back to America.