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The Highwayman poem

The Highwayman poem

The Highwayman came riding, riding up to the old inn doors,

The moon shivered in the dark sky,

Emerald grass soft like a feather,

The gloomy tree was blocking the way,

His dark horse galloped away on the dusty path,

The crimson coat was shiny as special star,

Gloomy trees beside the moonlight,

The moon was a sparkling eye stalking the vast horse,

French cocked hat,

He is a frighting robber,

He kills insert people,

Red colossal T-shirt,

He is fast,

Golden shiny boots,

He is so guilty,

Dark brown hair,

Laces on his chin,

Highwayman was a ghost,

He loved a woman called Bess,

Bess and The Highwayman dies and becomes spirits.