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The Highwayman

The Highwayman

The Highwayman

It was a dark and foggy night,

Moonlight stars in the midnight sky,

It looked like it was haunted,

The trees were whispering and warning,

Creepy and spooky atmosphere,

The moon was a cheese and made the mice lick their lips.

The thin wind was slapping the Highwayman’s cheeks,

He had a fancy cocked hat,

And a ruby mixed with magneta velvet waste coat,

Breeches of raven oil done skin,

Lovely white lace around his pale and numb chin,

His boots up to the thighs,

The Highwayman robbs people on the silent highway,

He is riding rapidly, robbing people,

The Highwayman is on his way to his true love, Bess,

He said he loves her and will get her a gold bar,

“Halt!” screams the Highwayman angrily,

As he demanded for the gold bar,

By: BG