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The Horrible Cat and the Cunning Mouse.

The Horrible Cat and the Cunning Mouse.

It was a calm day in the land of Fartherwell when the innocent mouse Sam was scurrying across the village to scavenge for some food in the city stalls.

 Suddenly,  out of the blue, an evil cat named Scratchy came and stood in front of Sam and made him cower down in a paralysis of fear. Sam shouted,”ok! I surrender!”(or so it seemed.) Scratchy smiled it was a long evil toothy smile that showed all of his rotten teeth. Sam eventually followed the ruthless cat and he arrived at a dark alley where the cat had first met him. He hid the small weapon he had brought with him for defence.

The cat turned around and had shouted the words the mouse had never want hear. What the cat had said well who knows…