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Welbourne Life by Amara

Welbourne Life by Amara


At Welbourne School we do more then just learning.  On enrichment day year 6 and year 5 pupils all get out of their classrooms to do fun activities such as:Drama,art and P.E.  We also have different clubs after school and they are craft club,football club,choir and after school club.  There is also a breakfast club that is in the morning.

Peer Mediators and Prefects

Peer Mediators help younger children fix their problems if they have fallen out with a friend or they do not have any friends to play with.  On the other hand Prefects help to announce special things in assembles,to pack away the chairs in assembles and to do different duties at lunchtime.We also have school councillors who help to make the school a better place for everyone in the school.  They also plan fun events such as no uniform days and late school discos.