Date: 14th October 2016

Issue No. 3
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What's On? 
School Photos
Monday 17th October 2016
Year 3 Nile Museum of London Trip
Wednesday 19th October 2016


Year 5 Amazon British Museum Trip
Monday 17th October
International Evening 
Wednesday 19th October 17:00 - 18:30

HALF TERM: 24th to 28th October
Recent Events
School Breakfasts For Winners

Children visited Tottenham Football Stadium  and took part in the 'Team Up To Be Champions, School Breakfasts For Winners' cereal distribution event. The event was part of a brand new project which aims to improve educational attainment through the provision of healthy breakfast cereal. 
Team London Youth Conference 

Our Eco Team attended a very exciting Team London Youth Conference this week where they learned about the power of volunteering in the community. They also got to go on a tour of the Olympic Park!
Flu Immunisation 

The school nursing service are offering flu vaccinations in our school to all children in years 1 and 2.
This will be on November 30th, as this is before influenza tends to circulate.
Information, contact details and consent forms will be sent out this month. Your child will not be vaccinated without your consent. In the meantime if you require further information please contact your school nurse, GP or practice nurse
International Evening

Our annual International Evening is being held on Wednesday October 19th from 17:00 - 18:30. We are now accepting food donations. Please could parents deliver food to the main reception on the day of the event. 
Week ending 7/10/16
Sarah Danila, Ahlam Maye, Li Feng Xue, Taylan Aydinlar,
Arel Uzun,
Alexandra Linc-Kelsall, Savannah Linton, Berat Tekgul, Nayiga Katege, Camron Montague, Leona Namyato, Rashaad Haye, Sadiyah Muhith, Rohat Ozkul, Filip Kowalczyk
Week ending 14/10/16

Aeriel Collins, Lela Violet Wilson, Berat Guclu, Jehnise Dyer-Rowe,
Hafiz Sultan, Deniz Tezgel, Zakariya Sarri, Riad El-Daou, Duale Nur, Sahra Warsame, Bulut Kucuk, Ioana Rascanu, Hardi Bernard, Senabu Baio, Faisal Mohammadi
Reading Race The reading race is a school competition that rewards the class that has read the most.
Congratulations Y5
Orinoco who have read 79 times at home last week!
Early Years Foundation Stage

Please remember to send your photos to the Early Years staff.

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