Date: 24th November 2015

Issue No. 4
Twitter: @welbournepri
What's On?

Debate Mate.....
 2nd December 2015
The question this half term is:
Are books better than television? (for more information ask the class teacher)

Hour of Code....  7th - 11th December 2015 for more information visit: 
Diary Dates... 
Christmas Performances:
Nursery - 16th  December at 10.30am 
Reception - 16th  December at 2.30pm
Y1 & Y2  - 14th  December at 2.30pm
Y3 & Y4  - 11th December at 2.30pm
Y5 & Y6  - 15th  December at 2.30pm
Music concerts:
Y4 and Y5  Violin -  8th December at 10.30am
Y4, Y5 and Y6 Guitar -  9th  December at 2.45pm
Y4 Trumpet and Clarinet - 16th  December at 2.45pm

*Last day of term:  Friday 18th December 2015 at 1.30pm (Please note early closure time)
*School reopens:   Monday 4th January 2016
*School closure for staff training Friday 8th January 2016


 School Christmas Dinner 
This will be held on Thursday 17th December 2015.
If your child is usually a packed lunch but you would like them to have a Christmas dinner please let the office know by Friday 11th December. This will cost £2.20 for Nursery pupils and KS2 pupils who are not entitled to a Free School Meal.
 The School Council and Prefects are delighted to announce that the school raised £438 for Children in Need on Fridays 'no uniform dress up day'. Children (and staff) had a lovely day dressed in yellow, white  or spots!
Anti Bullying Week 
By Muna A and Daria G Year 6 Prefects

''All the prefects  went to different classes to talk about bullying as part of Anti - Bullying Week. We went to classes from Year 1 to Year 6, some prefects were paired up and others were by themselves. At the beginning of the session, we  read out the WALT. Then we asked them if there were any words they did not understand this was useful for the Year 1 and Year 2. We asked them questions about bullying to see if they knew anything. When they answered the questions we showed them a video we made last year that was all about bullying and different situations that could happen. After a while, we gave them  post it notes to write down who you could report bullying to, different types of bullying and anything else they know about bullying. We had some children stick theirs on a giant piece of paper that was on the whiteboard. We had a 'make a noise about bullying' poster and told them who you could talk to and the answer was everyone!!!!''

Food Bank Donations
On Tuesday 24th November 2015 we will start to collect your donations for The Haringey Food Bank.
Please bring in one item from the shopping list displayed on classroom doors or any dried or canned goods.
The collections will be between 8.50am -9.10am in a classroom in the new building. 
Nursery class donations will be kept in the Nursery. 
The last collection will be on Thursday 3rd December 2015
Please provide your child’s name when donating as this will guarantee they will be entered into the prize draw for the Staff Hamper. 
Thank you for working with us on this project.