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Year 4 Ganges – Letter to the unlucky man

Year 4 Ganges – Letter to the unlucky man


In Year 4, we have been learning about how to write letters. We have been taught how to write in formal writing with the correct structure of a letter. For this term, we have read a short story called ‘To the Edge of the World‘, in which an unlucky man goes on an adventure to seek his luck, but meets various characters along the way! Here is an example letter to the unlucky man.

Tottenham Road

Tree Top House


6th December 2019

Dear unlucky man,

I am writing to you because you are luckier than you think.

First, on the way back home, you will find the sobbing girl again and you tell her the answer, and the sobbing girl thinks that you’re handsome and she will ask you to marry her. If you say yes, you will live happily ever after, and she will be perfect for you.

You will go back and meet the oak tree again, you should tell him the answer to his problem but he think’s that you’re strong enough to dig the treasure, if you say yes, you can have all the gems forever in your life and for your beautiful wife.

You will then go back and meet the mean, lean wolf again and you will tell him the answer to his problem, however, my friend, if you say to eat the first fool up, the wolf might think it’s you, so you should trick the wolf and say to eat the second fool that comes your way or prepare to have a good life in heaven.

I hope you  have a precious, lucky and wonderful life and I hope you get this in time.


Amanda (Year 4 Ganges)